DINNER 1 | 8.30.15


Misti Norris is one of our favorite chefs in Dallas. The |DSC| was privileged to have Misti as our first Chef, and we will always be in gratitude for the support she provided!  Her beautiful and down to earth creations that are showcased at her Oak Cliff restaurant, Small Brewpub, represent the execution and creativity Dallas Supper Club is all about.  Misti opened Small Brewpub in December of 2014, after working with Anthony Bombaci while at Nana, and Matt McCallister at FT33, where she was sous-chef, and responsible for charcuterie. In August of 2015, just weeks before our Dinner, Misti, and the team behind Small Brewpub were announced as a nominee for Bon Appetit’s Top New Restaurants in America #BAhot10. We couldn’t be more excited to bring a Chef as talented as Misti, to the Dallas Supper Club and its guests, for our first |DSC| Dinner!



Includes Complimentary Wine Pairings



Sunday, August 30th, 2015


Home-made Charcuterie | Pickles | Jam

Fresh Baked Bread Selection | Cultured Butters



Summer Vegetable Composition, Willoughby, Toast Broth

Goat Tartare, Buttermilk Curds, Pickled Allium, Pear

Local Vegetables, House Cured Lardo

Duck, Allium, Jonny Cakes, Busted Tomatoes, Bourbon Soy Sauce

Windy Meadows Chicken Sausage, Torihamu Ham, New Crop Potato, Fennel, Buttermilk

Burrata, Fried Green Tomato, Peach. Cashew, Black Pepper Pils